Asheville's Premier Art Tour - The best way to truly experience the River Arts District is with Asheville Art Studio Tours!!

Founded by a River Arts District Artist, Asheville Art Studio Tours gives you an inside look into the wonder of what's happening in Asheville's thriving arts scene. Whether you are a local or from out of town, the personal connections we have with artists and studios can help you maneuver into the heart of this ever evolving area. The small numbers in our tours give you the chance to connect with your guide, each-other and the artists along the way.   Book a tour soon for the most authentic way to experience the art scene in Asheville, with an artist led tour.

The River Arts District of Asheville could easily be the most diverse and concentrated area of artists in the world.  I hope we can share this gem with you and specifically what we believe are it's finest facets!  (Though we are not limited to tours of studios only in the River Arts District, it is our focus.)

Asheville Studio Art Tours is owned and operated by glass artist, John Miguel Almaguer. John has been creating work for his company Almaguer Glass at the North Carolina Glass Center right in the heart of the River Arts District for years.   John decided to start these tours after seeing an ongoing need for them.  There is a lot of mystery to the River Arts District and it can be very confusing to get around at times. He felt Asheville Art Studio Tours would serve as a solution to help visitors in the River Arts District better explore this vast and diverse community of artists and studios.  And what better way to explore this special and unique area but by a small intimate guided tour by a local artist.   

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you when you come join us on a tour.

Visit  AlmaguerGlass.com  to learn more about John and his glass work.

From John...

My heart in making these tours is to give people an enriched experience into the River Arts District and beyond. I lived for a time on the Venetian Island in Murano, Italy where about 85 studios on this small island were wholly devoted to glass art. Secrets of glass blowing & sculpting were birthed here. Still, through this experience I realize even more just how special the River Arts District is. The River Arts District has over 160 studios and so much  more diversity of artists and mediums. This is honestly matched by no other area I know of in the world.  This truly is a real center of Asheville, carrying the heart beat of this creative artisan city.  This tour is for locals and visitors!

Art, and more...  

One of Asheville's best breweries resides in the River Arts District. This says a lot from a town who won Beer City USA 4 years in a row. The River Arts District doesn't just do art well they also do beer and food well! Another tucked away treasure in the River Arts District is 12 Bones. On any given day lines wrap around the corner for this BBQ treasure. Even the previous president had been known to make stops here!  In every sense of the word Asheville is a place for all tastes!   There is so much more as well that I could go on and on about all the amazing businesses in the River Arts District!

If you are looking for other things to do in town here is a great site, click on the logo to visit the site. 

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