Hello!    I am pleased to introduce you to Asheville Art Studio Tours!   Giving walking tours to the studios of Asheville, NC, primarily in the River Arts District.

After years of having people visit the studio and ask where should I go next it made an impression on me that the River Arts District can be difficult for anyone to know where to go.  Eventually I decided to make artist led and developed tours to help the visitor navigate through this amazing wonderland of Art Studios that are in the River Arts District. With out a guide sometimes it can be difficult as there are so many great studios and some which are closed on some weekend days and more that have almost hidden entry ways.   So if you want to get the insider experience of one of, if not the most dynamic Arts District in the world please join Asheville Art Studio Tours for a tour soon!

Personally I am a glass artist, and I lived and worked in one of, if not the most famous arts communities in the world, Murano/Venice, Italy.   That being said, I feel I can say with some authority that what we have here in Asheville's River Arts District is something quite special.  This is not to compare the two because Muranos legacy and majesty can't be compared with anywhere but there were about 85 studios on the island of Murano, all working in glass.  The River Arts District, in only a 1 and half mile radius houses 160 studios, with artists working in multiple mediums!  I personally know of nowhere in the world that can claim anything even remotely close what we have here in Asheville's River Arts District.  Its an honor to be able to have a business that shares this gem with the world!

Well enough about the tours and .   Let me share with you about what you want to hear about, Art!    In this blog we are gonna have different artists share regularly.   I have decided to start off the Blog with sharing about my own work!   I have been blowing glass for over 12 years and arrived here in Asheville after spending about a year training in Venice/Murano, Italy, as mentioned earlier.   During my time in Italy I was in search of creating a new technique that had never been done before.  I racked my brain and then one day something came to me.   What came to me was an idea of working glass in a new way by first blowing different glass tubes each separately.  Then after blowing the tubes separately I would cut them to equal height after they were cold.  After this I would then group some tubes together and then attach them to a blow pipe and allow the tubes to fuse together.   After they are fused then I would blow the tubes together simultaneously as one piece  This process leaves blown chambers inside of the piece of art.  This body speaks of the different depths or chambers of each person that create the whole of who we are; our hurts, our joys and so much more.   We all have been shaped much like glass by the circumstances of our lives but most importantly by our choices of how we respond to those circumstances.  I developed a whole body of work using this technique, the body of work and technique have been named "Chambers".

Now here we are LAUNCHING THE WEBSITE!    Please post this on your social media pages and share with friends what we are doing!   We are so excited to have this service offered to the people!    That was the main thing that sold me on doing this as I would get scared over and over as I took steps forward toward doing this.  It was only when I would consider the great need there is for this service for the people that I would have peace about moving forward.   There is such a need for the people visiting the River Arts District to have some knowledgable guide who knows the area and who can connect them to the artists there.  Now that the website is launched people can plan their behind the scenes tour ahead of time and book online.

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